Remote Notification Released

by Alex Kuretz on August 3, 2011

We are pleased to announce the release of version, with one of the most exciting new features being support for Push Notifications to mobile devices. Push Notifications are instant alerts that can be displayed on your mobile device via an app running on the device. Four apps are currently supported covered the three primary smart phone platforms.

  • NMA – Notify My Android (Google Android phones and tablets)
  • Prowl (Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad)
  • Push – App Notifications (Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad)
  • Toasty (Windows Phone)

Another new feature in this release is support for GrowlForWindows, which allows you to forward the health alerts from your Windows Home Server to GrowlForWindows running either on the server or on another PC on the network. By default it will display popup messages on the desktop wherever it is installed, however it is most useful for utilizing the available GrowlForWindows Plugins to forward the notifications to services not directly supported by Remote Notification.

Finally, the HTML format Daily Reports now have the option to include Google Image Charts displaying the server statistics in a friendly image format. If you don’t like the charts they can be disabled in the Reports Settings.

Those of you that are already using Remote Notification should receive an Update alert in Remote Notification within the next 24 hours. We recommend that you always upgrade to the latest version. Below is a full list of changes in the new release, and you can download the latest version here.
Released August 03, 2011

  • Feature: Push recipient type forwards health alerts to your Apple, Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices via Push Notifications
  • Feature: GrowlForWindows recipient type forwards health alerts to GrowlForWindows running on your server or another PC on the network
  • Feature: Google Image Charts display server statistics in the HTML Daily Reports


shinratdr August 4, 2011 at 11:22 pm

Wow, this is really amazing and EXACTLY what I am looking for. I love my EX495, but in a predominantly Mac & iOS household, I typically learn of WHS problems by walking past my Home Server once in a blue moon and seeing the flashing red light, then rushing to the nearest machine to launch CoRD and start troubleshooting.

I decided to search for this on a whim, and it looks perfect. It even has iOS support, something I wasn’t expecting but makes it that much better.

Buying right away.

Fiberfav December 10, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Hi, I was wondering if this add-in works with WHS 2011? Thanks

Alex Kuretz December 11, 2011 at 10:01 am

At this time it only supports WHS v1, we may add support for WHS 2011 in the future.

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