Remote Notification is the Add-In for Windows Home Server that keeps you up to date on the status of your Home Server no matter where you are.

Remote Notification is available for free if you only need basic email and text message notifications, and you have a 30 day free trial to evaluate the full set of features.

Home Users and Small Business Owners

Your Windows Home Server contains all your important files, and you want to know when an issue comes up. Remote Notification lets you know immediately whenever your Home Server has a new health alert by your favorite method of communication such as email, SMS (text messages), Twitter status updates, Push Notifications to your mobile device, or RSS feed. Remote Notification also features a Mac application to display health alerts on your Mac desktop as well as report Time Machine backup status to the server for centralized monitoring and alerting.

You have a high level of control over what messages you receive, with the ability to get only errors or both errors and warnings, configure Exclude Filters that prevent messages being sent when they contain specific text, and make sure you aren’t awakened at night with Notification Schedules.

Remote Notification can forward all health events generated by your Home Server, including those issued by other Add-Ins such as Home Server SMART or Remote Alert.

Even with so many features, Remote Notification is very easy to configure. SMTP Presets take the work out of configuring your email provider for sending messages, and there is full documentation available including tutorials to help you quickly set up all the features. And it’s all backed up by support from Windows Home Server experts that have been supporting the community for years.

IT Support Professionals and Windows Home Server Resellers

Remote Notification gives you the power to proactively monitor your customer’s Home Server, often allowing you to resolve an issue before your customer calls you or is even aware of the problem. Email and SMS messages let you know instantly whenever there is a new health event on the customer’s server. The Daily Reports serve as a daily “heartbeat” to notify that the server is running properly and also provides many useful statistics such as free space on the OS drive, free space in the storage pool, Windows Update status, client backup status, installed Add-In versions, and much more. Or set up the RSS feed and monitor the notifications from the home servers of all your customers via your RSS reader.