Add a Push Notification Recipient

The Push recipient type is used to forward the health alerts from your Windows Home Server to a mobile device such as your iPhone, iPod, Android phone, or Windows Phone. For a complete description of all recipient types, see this help topic.

The following Push Notification services are supported. Please contact us or post in the support forums if there is a service you would like supported.

Note that these are all commercial apps that you will need to purchase on your mobile device, they are not included as part of Remote Notification.

  • NMA – Notify My Android (Google Android phones and tablets)
  • Prowl (Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad)
  • Push – App Notifications (Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad)
  • Toasty (Windows Phone)
  1. Open the Windows Home Server console, and navigate to the Remote Notification Settings tab. On the Receive tab, click the “Add” button.
  2. Select “Push” as the Recipient Type.
  3. Select the Push Notification service you want to use from the Push Provider drop-down box. The available providers are listed above.
  4. Enter the API Key (or Device ID for Toasty) into the API Key field. You will need to register an account with your chosen service in order to get the access key, most services allow you to register within the App on your mobile device, otherwise visit their website linked above to get your API Key.
  5. Enter a Friendly Name for the recipient, this makes it easier to associate sent messages in the Message History tab of Remote Notification.
  6. Choose the severity of notifications that you want to receive, and choose whether you want to receive suppressed notifications.
  7. Configure any exclude filters to prevent messages being sent when a notification contains specific text.
  8. Configure the Notification Schedule if you wish to not receive notifications during a certain time of the day.
  9. Save your recipient, and send a test message to make sure the configuration is correct.