Add a GrowlForWindows Recipient

The GrowlForWindows recipient type is used to forward the health alerts from your Windows Home Server to GrowlForWindows running either on your server or on another PC on your network. This is most useful for utilizing the available GrowlForWindows Plugins to forward the notifications to services not directly supported by Remote Notification. For a complete description of all recipient types, see this help topic.

For instructions on how to install GrowlForWindows on your Windows Home Server, see this guide that details the steps needed to manually install software on your server. Note that GrowlForWindows does NOT run as a service, which means you will need to be logged into your server for GrowlForWindows to be running. An alternative is to use a utility such as srvany.exe to make GrowlForWindows run as a service.

  1. Open the Windows Home Server console, and navigate to the Remote Notification Settings tab. On the Receive tab, click the “Add” button.
  2. Select “GrowlForWindows” as the Recipient Type.
  3. If you are running GrowlForWindows on your server, the default settings will work unless you have configured a password or changed the default port. If you are running GrowlForWindows on another PC on your network, enter the hostname or IP address of the machine that is running GrowlForWindows.
  4. Choose the severity of notifications that you want to receive, and choose whether you want to receive suppressed notifications.
  5. Configure any exclude filters to prevent messages being sent when a notification contains specific text.
  6. Configure the Notification Schedule if you wish to not receive notifications during a certain time of the day.
  7. Save your recipient, and send a test message to make sure the configuration is correct.