Configure Exclude Filters

Exclude Filters allow you to prevent specific Notifications from being sent based upon the text contained in the Notification. Exclude Filters are not available in Lite Mode. For a more in-depth description see this help topic.

  1. Exclude Filters apply to a specific Recipient and can be configured during initial setup when adding a new Recipient, or afterwards by editing an existing Recipient. In this example we are editing an existing SMS Recipient.
  2. On the Recipient configuration dialog, you will see the Exclude Filters section with a count of the existing configured filters. Click “Configure Filters” to manage the Exclude Filters for the selected Recipient.
  3. The “Configure Exclude Filters” dialog allows you to add new filters as well as edit or remove existing filters.
  4. Click Add to create a new filter, and enter the text that you would like to be used as the filter to prevent Notification messages from being sent when they contain that text.
  5. Add the filter, and be sure to save your changes to both the filters as well as the Recipient.
  6. For every Notification issued by your home server, Remote Notification will check if the Notification contains the text defined in your filter. If the Notification contains the filter text, Remote Notification will not send the Notification to the Recipient.