Add a Report Recipient

The Report recipient type is a server status report that is sent daily to an email address, and is available in both a text and HTML format. For a complete description of all recipient types, see this help topic.

Important: Before you add a Report recipient, be sure you have configured the SMTP Settings so that Remote Notification is able to send emails from your Home Server.

  1. Open the Windows Home Server console, and navigate to the Remote Notification Settings tab. On the Receive tab, click the “Add” button.
  2. Enter your email address into the Username and Hostname fields of the Add Recipient dialog.
  3. Next, select “Report” as the Recipient Type.
  4. Choose the type of email formatting you prefer, either text or HTML. The HTML format is more attractive and has color coding to highlight warning and error conditions, while the text format is simple and supported by any email client.
  5. Save your recipient, and send a test message to make sure the configuration is correct.